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Senaru Panorama Walk

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Led by local women guides, this easy half-day walk explores the foothills of spectacular Rinjani volcano in Lombok’s northern district of Bayan.

Starting near the border of Gunung Rinjani National Park, your route follows old pathways among shady bamboo groves and village gardens before entering a wide, open landscape of rice terraces and palms.

Following a winding irrigation channel you reach the lush rainforest of the famous Sindang Gila Waterfall Reserve. The local people believe that a refreshing bath behind these thundering falls can cure any disease.

Along the way, discover tropical plants as your guide explains how the local people make practical use of them. You come across the cheeky long tailed monkeys and, with a bit of luck, may even spot the rare ebony leaf monkey. Passing small hamlets where age-old traditions are practiced, you will gain insight into the colourful village life of the Sasak. There is always something interesting happening here as you meet local people and admire traditional houses along the way.

Make sure you bring your camera – the views are simply spectacular!

On a clear day you may even catch a glimpse of Bali’s famous Gunung Agung volcano rising high above the blue waters of the Lombok Strait. Each turn of the track offers new vistas as finally Rinjani – the sacred mountain of the Sasak people – emerges majestically above rice terraces and rainforest. This natural and cultural diversity makes the Senaru Panorama Walk an unforgettable Lombok experience.